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Our Police software package offers real time integration. This will aid your agency with:

   Mobile Reporting
   Increased Officer Safety
   Reduced Data Entry
   Decreased Response Times
   Streamlined Report Writing
   Real Time Statistics The Hunt Computer Design Records Management System ties all of your department's needs into one complete package. Data entered into one module is automatically written to all other module (i.e. all information entered in to the CAD will also be written to the report, booking, state and departmental forms, etc.). This will eliminate duplicate data entry.

All of our current software can be customized to meet your department's needs.

All of our programs include setup, installation, and training.

Our maintenance fee includes updates and unlimited support.

CAD - Computer Aided Dispatching Police - Fire - EMS Dispatching - NIBRS and ENFIRS certified

The Hunt Computer Design Computer Aided Dispatching (CAD) system is powerful, yet easy to use dispatching system.

The CAD system will so integrate to the Record Management System to allow for faster, more accurate, real time report writing.

Features -
   Auto enter features
   Pull down list
   One click officer dispatching
   911 integration
   Police, Fire, EMS CAD integration
   Onscreen officer tracking
   Location alerts
   Motor Vehicle Alerts
   Person Alerts

Record Management System

   Cogent Intergrated
   Reduce report writing time
   Eliminate duplicate data entry
   CAD data auto-entered into report
   Help Menu and highlighted required fields
   Auto Enter Previously entered names
   Search on any data entered into any field
   Integrates with state and local forms (no duplicate data entry)
   Digital Photo Booking
   Generate statistical data based on your search criteria.
   Mobile Report Writing
   Case Photos

Departmental Management

   Alarm Billing
   Evidence (with Bar-coding)
   Vehicle Maintenance
   POST Training Tracking
   Scheduling (Daily schedules, overtime, and extra duty)

Fire Reporting

NFIRS 5.0 certified

   Mobile Reporting
   Apparatus and Equipment tracking
   Reduce report writing time
   Eliminate duplicate data entry
   CAD data auto-entered into report
   Help Menu and highlighted required fields

Fire Marshal

   Permits and Forms

Hunt Computer Design has developed a series of Fire Management Programs that can be linked together as a complete package or any of them can be used as stand alone programs.

We understand that no two departments operate the same.

That is why we customize our software to meet your needs.

All of our software is priced for multi-user. We do not charge per user.

All of our programs include setup, installation, and training.

Our maintenance fee includes updates and unlimited support.


   Required fields highlighted to eliminate omissions
   Pull down lists for streets, apparatus, etc
   Auto enter times with a click of the mouse
   Create a searchable history database
   Print Reports i.e. run forms, customized reports
Import incident data using Police and Fire CAD (if using police or Fire CADs)
Apparatus, equipment, personnel databases
Can be used with or without CAD
Auto enter 911 into CAD

Other Solution

Hunt Computer Design specializes in developing customized, user friendly software solutions. All of our current software applications are customized to meet the needs of your department.

Here is a list of some of the other solutions we have developed outside of Police, Fire, and EMS.

Also if you have an idea for a software application that you do not see on this web site, please contact us. We would be happy to work with you.


Create Building, Plumbing, Electrical, and Mechanical Permits quickly and easily, while creating a comprehensive database of Permits, Parcels, Owners, and Contractors. Can be customized for your town. Additional modules can be developed for your town.


~ Permits - A complete database of all permits. This is a comprehensive database that can be searched by any criteria. Permits can be created or viewed from this module. Permit fees are auto-calculated using you fee criteria. The Parcel, Owner and Contractor modules are connected to the Permits for speed and ease of use. All fees are auto calculated based on your towns criteria.

~ Fees - Track all permit, state, zoning fees, payment method etc.

~ Reports - Customized reports based on any search criteria. Print a Ledger, Public Report, Contractor Report, Zoning, State fees, etc.

~ Inspections - Database of all inspections using your inspection form. Can be installed on a Palm Pilot and downloaded and uploaded between the Palm and your in house system

~ Contractors - A database of contractors and their employees. This module tracks company names, type, address, phone numbers, workers, etc. This database ties in directly to the Permits Module. Contractors and workers on a permit can be selected form pull down menus.

~ Parcels - The Parcels Module is a database of all parcels in your town. This module tracks parcel location, subdivision, lot #, Tax Assessor #, etc. As you create a new parcel a related owner record is created.

~ Owners - A database that list the owners (current and past) of a parcel. Information included; name, address, contact numbers etc.

~ We customize the program with your town forms.

Permits2000 ties all of the modules together to create a simple, fast, and efficient way to write and track all of you town permits.

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